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Backend developer with 3+ years of experience.

What exactly is my job?

At this point in time, bots for discord have become in consumer demand and, in some cases, even necessary. You can confidently choose the best option for yourself. I suggest you get acquainted with the ready-made bots that are optimized and customized for your personal use. My bots have a flexible set of settings and convenient slash - commands compared to competitors. Bots provide various functionality, ranging from moderation and economics, ending with an anti-raid system and spam mailing. I make bots for an custom order, for the technical task you have written Each technical task is discussed in detail and you can always add to the functionality what you want and express your wishes. If you have any questions, you have found a bug or you have some wish, in this case I am waiting for you

Fulfilling The Process

Software development, from start to finish.
Let's work together!